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More than 10 biomechanical parameters

Supplement your visual observations with the objective analysis
of more than 10 biomechanical parameters

Rotation around Z Difference
Pronosupination angle at landing difference

Why Choose Digitsole Pro to analyze
your patient jumps

Digitsole Pro’s Mov-Scan is now the ultimate AI (Artificial intelligence) – assisted tool to monitor sports injury rehabilitation, improve athletic performance, and prevent injuries by accessing risks and tracking results.

- For Prevention
- For Rapid Return-to-Play
- For Baseline Assessments
- For Interventions  

- Simple to Use
- Portable-Test Athletes Where They Train
- Fast results in 5 minutes  
- Affordable
- Reliable, Research-Grade Data from Proprietary AI-Powered Algorithms  
- Aid in Measuring and Training of Strength, Endurance and Mobility
- Increase Treatment Efficiency

Compare analysis and
follow evolution

Compare the parameters over time during a patients’ activity.

Evaluate objectively the efficacy of care

Personalized interpretations to improve the clinical assessment

Digitsole® Pro  provides a recommendation for the interpretation of the results to support the practitioner's assessment.

Result sharing
during the consultation

Facilitate communication with the patient by making it easier for them to understand and approve the treatment. The analysis export in .pdf format also enriches the exchanges between the professionals involved in the patient follow-up.