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Digitsole Pro is a solution for healthcare professionals to improve the clinical assessment of patients
with mobility disorders.

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Why Choose Digitsole Pro
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Developed for & with healthcare practitioners, Digitsole Pro improves patient assessments by measuring objective biomechanical data that cannot be observed by the naked eye. The results are translated through our exclusive AI algorithm into relevant clinical data to propose the most appropriate treatment.

Intuitive & user friendly application

Objective data of
biomechanical movements

Comparison & follow-up of the patients' evolution

Personalized interpretations to improve the clinical assessment of patients

Detailed and enriched
patient card

Care path

A wide range of case studies

Analyze objectively the mobility of your patients with various motion disorders whether neurological, orthopedic, sports-related or age-related.

Hallux Valgus

The patient is a 25-year-old woman who work in dentistry and stands most of the day. She suffers from hallux valgus that bothers her when she walks but is also an aesthetic concern.

Osgood Schlatter Disease

The patient is a 12-year-old young man who plays tennis 5 times per week in training and competition. His parents made an appointment because he complained for weeks of pain in the front of his left knee.

Older Adult's walk

A walk analysis of an older adult in a nursing home who has trouble walking and has already fallen. The aim of this consultation is to optimize the rehabilitation program to better maintain autonomy.

The Digitsole Pro
clinical kit

The Digitsole Pro case allows you to analyze your patients' walking or running wherever you are.  It includes 6 pairs of insoles with 2 connected chips and a charger.

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Find out what our customers say about Digitsole Pro
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“We increased our fee for biomechanical assessment from £90 to £150. We have also seen an 83% increase in the number of biomechanical assessments booked.”

Gill Newhouse

Podiatrist - UK

"Affordable, very easy to use, adapted to most of our patients, it allows an analysis beyond the walls of our practices."

Cyril Marchou

Podiatrist - FR

“DigitsolePro allows me to have a dynamic quality study. It is very intuitive and easy to use. I can better explain the treatment plan I propose to my patients.”

Fabrice Millet

Podiatrist - FR

Data privacy & security are very important to us. We are certified as Medical Device & ISO 27001-2017, and we are HDS compliant.

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